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Public Health Professionals

Statistics and Publications:

General and summary:

CDC: Healthy Swimming Data/Statistics​

MMWR: Foodborne and Waterborne Disease Outbreaks – United States, 1971-2012



MMWR Surveillance Summaries: Cryptosporidiosis and Giardiasis, 2011-2012​

MMWR: Using Molecular Characterization to Support Investigations of Aquatic Facility-Associated Outbreaks of Cryptosporidiosis- Alabama, Arizona, and Ohio, 2016 


Drowning and injuries:

MMWR: Pool Chemical Injuries in Public and Residential Settings - United States, 2008-2017, and New York, 2018

MMWR: Fatal and Nonfatal Drowning Outcomes Related to Dangerous Underwater Breath-Holding Behaviors- NY State, 1988-2011​

Inhalational Chlorine Injuries at Public Aquatic Venues — California, 2008–2015


Harmful algal blooms:

MMWR: Harmful Algal Bloom-Associated Illness in Humans and Dogs Identified Through a Pilot Surveillance System- New York, 2015



See Legionella page

Naegleria  fowleri:

MMWR: Notes from the Field: Primary Amebic Meningoencephalitis Associated with Exposure to Swimming Pool Water Supplied by an Overland Pipe – Inyo County, California, 2015


MMWR: Norovir​us Outbreak Associated with a Natural Lake Used for Recreation — Oregon, 2014​​​


 Additional Resources:

CDC: Online Environmental Public Health Course  (See Swimming Pools and Recreational Facilities) 

CDC: Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC)​ 

Council for the MAHC (CMAHC)​ Become a CMAHC member today to be eligible to vote on MAHC changes and help ensure that public health’s voice is heard!