Pools must be properly and safely maintained to prevent illnesses and injuries from occurring.
Fecal and other bodily fluids- accident response information:

Pool safety:
Chemicals and equipment used to maintain swimming pools and spas and reduce the risk of waterborne illness can
cause injuries if they are not properly stored and handled. Public pool operators and residential pool owners can
protect themselves and swimmers by taking these key steps:
  •  Read and follow directions on product labels.
  •  Wear appropriate safety equipment, such as goggles and masks, as directed, when handling pool chemicals.
  •  Secure pool chemicals to protect people and animals.
  •  Add pool chemicals poolside ONLY when directed by product label and when no one is in the water.
  •  Check that all pool equipment is functioning properly and that chlorine and pH levels at the correct levels before allowing swimmers in the water.

Prevent violent, potentially explosive, reactions:
  •  NEVER mix different pool chemicals with each other, especially chlorine products with acid.
  •  Pre-dissolve pool chemicals ONLY when directed by product label.
  •  Add pool chemical to water, NEVER water to pool chemical.
Pool and spa operation and design:

Additional Information: