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Youth Camp Certification

Outdoor Youth Programs FAQ (06.12.20)

The purpose of certification is to protect the health and safety of children attending Maryland youth camps.  The regulations governing youth camps establish minimum standards to ensure camp operators conduct criminal history record checks for employees, provide for the health of campers, maintain appropriate supervision ratios, implement health and safety procedures, report incidents, conduct high risk recreational activities safely and maintain the camp facility in good working order.


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Youth Camp Regulations Training is a free training for individuals who plan to start a youth​ camp or individuals who are taking over as a director of a youth camp in Maryland. The Staff from th​e Center of Healthy Homes and Commu​nity Services will present information on the various regulations governing youth camps in Maryland.

There are no scheduled trainings at this time.



COMAR 10.01.17, Fees​

COMAR 10.16.06, Certification for Youth Camps

COMAR 10.16.07, Health and Medication Requirements for Youth Camps


​​Laws & Regulations:

Laws & Regulations for Youth Camps​

Certification Requirements: