What is asthma?1

·         Asthma is a chronic lung disease that can be life threatening

·         Symptoms

·  Chest tightness​
·   Wheezing
·   Coughing
·   Rapid breathing
·   In severe cases respiratory failure

·         Asthma symptoms can be triggered by environmental factors

·   Sudden onset of symptoms is generally  called  an asthma attack
The issue2

·         7.5% of children and 7.7% of adults in the United States currently have asthma as of 2018

·         Lifetime asthma prevalence in black non-Hispanic children (18.1%) is double that of non-Hispanic white children (9.5%)

·         In 2018 2,966 children experienced an asthma attack


·        For parents of children with asthma

·     Make sure your child is being treated with their inhaler properly
·     Develop and Asthma Action Plan
·     Preparing for asthma care during an emergency​​​​



For more information

Maryland Asthma Control Program

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Knowing Asthma Triggers


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