​​​Violence and Injury Prevention

Injuries (unintentional and intentional combined) are the leading cause of death in Maryland citizens aged one to 44 years. The economic burden of hospitalized injuries alone exceeds $200 million annually. A main focus of the Injury Prevention Program is preventing deaths and disabilities due to these unintentional and intentional injuries. 

​​​Maryland Violence and Injury Prevention Resource Guide​​
The Maryland Violence and Injury Prevention Program within the Maryland Department of Health (MDH) released the 2016 Maryland Violence and Injury Prevention Resource Guide. The guide was developed to highlight the scope and cost of injury in Maryland. It also increases recognition of the role that public health can play in preventing injuries. The guide provides MDH, state partners, community-based organizations, decision-makers, and the public with valuable data and resources to promote a safer and injury-free for all Marylanders. The guide covers the following 11 topics:
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Access the Great Lakes and Mid-Atlantic​ (GLMA) Regional Network Violence and Injury Prevention Resource Guide

Pedestrian Injury

Bicycle Related Injuries 

Water Health and Safety​

Maryland Core State Violence and Injury Prevention Program (Core SVIPP)​​


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