Unable to attend a car seat inspection event, or limited resources in your area?

Below is a list of ideas that may assist you.

Kids in Safety Seat services:

800 Helpline- call us at 800-370-SEAT with your car seat question(s).

E-mail- email us at mdh.kiss@maryland.gov with your question(s). 

Skype "virtual car seat checkup"- make an appointment via our Helpline or e-mail for a Skype "virtual" car seat checkup event.  If you have access to Skype on a mobile device, you can take us to your car seat and/or vehicle and we will walk you through the inspection remotely.  

Car Seat Manufacturer services:

Direct car seat manufacturer website- car seat manufacturers post PDF's of product manuals and many have user-friendly videos on their website to learn how to use their products. 

Youtube- most car seat manufacturers post usage and installation videos on Youtube, just search your car seat manufacturer and model.  Car seat instructions- every new car seat comes with a user manual and will explain how to use and install your car seat.

Vehicle owners manuals- every vehicle owner's manual will have installation instructions in the manual.  Look up "car seat" or "child safety seat" or "child safety restraint" in the index for more information. 

Additional Resources:

Safercar.gov-  is the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's parent site.  Visit http://www.safercar.gov/parents/How-To-Install-Car-Seats.htm for video's on basic installation instructions.

http://thecarseatlady.com- a technically accurate and current site maintained by Pediatrician and Child Passenger Safety Instructor Alisa Baer, this site contains videos, articles and tips/tricks for car seat usage and installation.​