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Maryland STI Annual Report

The 2018 Maryland STI Annual Report provides a thorough surveillance profile of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis through 2018. It includes breakdowns by age, sex, and location as well as historical context where applicable.​

Data Requests

Please use this data request form to officially request de-identified data from the Center for STI Prevention at the Maryland Department of Health. Requests may vary in format, such as graphics, raw data files or formatted tables. Before submitting a request, please review the graphics and data tables listed below to ensure the information you need is not already available here. 

E-mail your completed Data Request Form to marcia.pearl@maryland.gov​ with all of the information filled out to ensure a smooth process. We will contact you within one business day of receipt. 

Chlamydia in Maryland

 Gonorrhea in Maryland

Syphilis in Maryland

National CDC STI Data and Statistics

Suggested Citation: Maryland Department of Health, Center for STI Prevention, Baltimore, MD. [Date].

Updated 06/18/2019
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