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MDH Participation in the U.S. Zika Pregnancy Registry


Zika virus infection during pregnancy can cause microcephaly, other brain defects, and other adverse pregnancy outcomes. Many questions remain about the risks of Zika virus infection during pregnancy. Information about the timing, absolute risk, and spectrum of outcomes associated with Zika virus infection during pregnancy is needed to direct public health action related to Zika virus and guide testing, evaluation, and management.


The Maryland Department of Health is collaborating with the CDC to understand more about Zika virus infection by participating in the US Zika Pregnancy Registry. The registry will be used to connect pregnant women and families affected by Zika virus to servi​ces, to update recommendations for clinical care, and to improve prevention of Zika virus infection during pregnancy. 


ZPR Forms

·        Maryland USZPR Neonate Assessment Form

o   To be completed at birth

·        Maryland USZPR Maternal Health History Form

o   To be completed after birth

·        Maryland USZPIR Infant Follow Up Form

o   To be completed at 2, 6 and 12 months

·        Maryland USZPR Supplemental Imaging Form

o   For documentation of ultrasound, CT, MRI or other imaging results that cannot fit on the original forms


MDH Laboratories Administration Guidelines and Instructions for Zika Testing​ (Rev. April 2018)

Zika Testing Lab Form Instructions​ (Rev. 11/21/2017)​​

CDC Pregnancy Registry