Walk Maryland Day is October 2, 2019

What is Walk Maryland?

Walk Maryland is a celebration of our official state exercise--walking! It's also a call to action to promote awareness about regular walking all year round for physical activity and improved health, engaging Marylanders with fun walks of all sizes and shapes.

Oct. 2nd markes the 5th Annual Walk Maryland Day celebration, and all Marylanders are encouraged to take time on that day to participate in some type of phsical activity (ex., walking). Even though Oct. 2nd will be our official celebration, we want to encourage everyone to go walking all year round. The point is to get up, get out, and get active everyday! 

ATTENTION WALKERS!!! Do you love to walk? Are you involved in a walking club or perhaps want to start one? Well volunteer to become a Walking Leader! Walking Leaders host walks in their community, workplace, place of workship, etc, and they encourage others to join them on those walks. You can host multiple walks or just one, and these walks can be of any distance or time of day. Becoming a Walking Leader is easy. Just fill out the registration form here, afterwards we will post your walk on our website, and all you have to do is encourage others to join you. As a Walking Leader you have access to our promotional materials that you can customize to promote your walk in your community. In 2018, we had over 100 Marylanders become Walking Leaders. Come join us in the fun and become a Walking Leader today!

If you are interested in posting your walk on our website, but do not want to be a Walking Leader, please fill out the registration form here ​and your walk will be posted online. Only your name, email, location of walk, and time and day of walk will be visible to the public. Check out all of our walking events here​. 

See pictures, event highlights, and read our Walk Maryland 2018 Report here​​

Walk Maryland Event Goals

  • Engage 20,000 Marylanders in walking for daily physical activity. 
  • Have all 24 Maryland Jurisdictions host a walking event.
  • Track walking events throughout Maryland.
  • Register 125 Walking Leaders