The Maryland Department of Health's Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Control is working to transform health systems by implementing health and data systems changes, leveraging statewide public and private payer financial incentives and reimbursement models, and enhancing community-clinical linkages through partnerships with hospitals, Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHCs), Quality Improvement Organizations, payers, and local health departments.

What does it take to transform health systems?

Transforming health systems entails work centered around performance and quality improvement, spreading the use of evidence-based approaches, utilizing health information technology to coordinate care and benchmark progress, encouraging clinical care innovation with the goal of improving health outcomes, and many others. 

Maryland framework


Data Aggregation

Increase the institutionalization and monitoring of aggregated quality measures at the provider and systems levels.

Standardizing Practice

Increase the institutionalization and monitoring of standardized practices at the provider and systems levels.

Team Based Care

Increase engagement of non-physician team members (i.e., nurses, pharmacists, and patient navigators) in hypertension (HTN) and diabetes management in health care systems.

Education and Training

Raise awareness, educate, and engage patients, providers, and other stakeholders