Hospital Breastfeeding Policy Maternity Staff Training

These instructional modules were developed in collaboration between International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) at the Maryland Department of Health and the University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Medical Center. They are intended to provide education which prepares hospital maternity staff to create an environment that is aligned to meet both the Maryland Hospital Breastfeeding Policy Recommendations and the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative.  These modules were developed to meet the requirements outlined in Step 2 of the Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding, developed by UNICEF/WHO.

Running times for each of the 15 training modules vary, however total time for each module is no longer than 1 hour.  With completion of pre and post-tests, and discussion with the lactation educator at each facility, this training meets the 15 hour didactic training (at time of development) required of those seeking Baby Friendly designation. Please note that Module #9 is part of Breastfeeding Friendly Hospital Initiative but not Maryland Hospital Breastfeeding Policies, thus those seeking to meet the Maryland Hospital Breastfeeding Policies may opt to skip Module #9.  Hospital staff can either complete the modules online here or can work with their hospital administrators to offer them for continuing education credits.

Materials can be made available to those wishing to use the presentation slides to teach the materials in a traditional classroom setting. Please contact Amy Resnik for more information.

Please note: These training modules are currently being piloted for general use and we are collecting feedback on their content and administration. Please be sure to complete the brief pre-test prior to beginning a module and post-test once the module is completed to help us assess this program. There is also a place to leave feedback on specific modules or provide general  feedback for the overall training course. Upon completion of all 15 modules, please also provide feedback via this survey.

If you have questions please contact the Maternal and Child Health Bureau at, and include “Breastfeeding” in the subject line.
To receive confirmation after viewing these modules and passing the respective post-tests, please email Joanne Flagg at after completion of all the modules you have planned to view. Joanne will return an email verifying the information for you.