Safe Sleep Policy/Protocol Requirements

A Superstar policy or protocol must:

  • Be consistent with the current American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Policy Statement on SIDS and Other Sleep-Related Infant Deaths (link provided below).  The policy/protocol should include a statement that it will be updated as needed whenever the AAP releases a new Policy Statement.
  • Address infant safe sleep on all hospital units where children under the age of one year receive care (newborn nursery/mother-baby unit, special care nursery or NICU, pediatric floor, PICU).  This can all be covered in one policy or in separate policies or protocols by unit.
  • Include requirements for staff training on all pediatric units.
  • Include standards for parent education about safe sleep practices.
  • Include modeling safe sleep practices at all times.  Any exception to infant position or materials in the sleep environment must have a physician order.
  • Include a plan for handling situations in which a parent or family member does not follow safe sleep practices (e.g. finding an infant sleeping in bed with mother, an infant placed in an unsafe position in the bassinet, or objects placed in the bassinet).
  •  Include a plan for retraining or disciplinary action for staff not following safe sleep practices.

Safe Sleep Policy & Procedure Resources: