Superstars of Safe Sleep

Maryland Safe Sleep Hospital Recognition Program

SIDS remains the 3rd leading cause of death among infants in Maryland and in the United States. In Maryland, we are losing over 50 babies a year to SIDS and other sleep-related causes – that’s more than one baby every week.  And the number of these deaths is not decreasing.
Our delivery hospitals are on the front line in teaching new parents about safe sleep practices. You can make a big difference and help prevent these largely preventable deaths.  We know that some hospitals are doing an outstanding job in reaching parents with the safe sleep message.  We want to recognize and applaud your efforts.         
The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH) is partnering with the Center for Infant & Child Loss (CICL) to recognize those hospitals that are Superstars of Safe Sleep – hospitals that support a “stellar” safe sleep program through comprehensive policies and protocols, staff training, parent education, and community awareness. 

Hospitals that qualify as Superstars of Safe Sleep will receive:

  • A large banner with your hospital name and logo prominently featured, recognizing you as a Superstar of Safe Sleep
  • Recognition as a Superstar Hospital on the DHMH  and CICL websites
  • Congratulatory letter from DHMH and CICL
  • A DHMH press release announcing the hospitals recognized as Superstars of Safe Sleep

In order to qualify, you must: