​Adolescent Health/Abstinence ​Christine L. Evans ​410-767-6042
​Babies Born Healthy ​Sheree Keitt ​410-767-5592
​Breastfeeding Promotion ​S. Lee Woods ​410-767-6805
​Child and Adolescent Health ​Michael Spencer ​410-767-6717
​Child Fatality Review (CFR) ​Sheree Keitt ​410-767-5592
​Epidemiology ​Maura Dwyer ​410-767-4585
​Family and Community Health Services ​Maura Dwyer ​410-767-4585
​Family Planning and Reproductive Health ​Tiereny Lloyd ​410-767-1454
​Fetal and Infant Mortality Review (FIMR) ​Sheree Keitt ​410-767-5592
​Internships/Practcums for Nurse-clinicians ​S. Lee Woods ​410-767-6805
​Internships/Practicums for Physcians ​S. Lee Woods ​410-767-6805
​Maternal Mortality Revieew ​S. Lee Woods ​410-767-6805
​Maternal Infant Early Childhood Home Visiting ​Mary LaCasse ​410-767-6753
​MD Champ ​Sheree Keitt ​410-767-5592
​Perinatal and Women's Health ​Maura Dwyer ​410-767-4585
​Perinatal Health ​S. Lee Woods ​410-767-6805
​Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP) ​Patricia Jones ​410-767-5483
​Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS) ​Laurie Kettinger ​410-767-0803
​Teen Pregnancy Prevention ​Patricia Jones ​410-767-5483
​Title V - Adolescent Health Coordinator ​Christine L. Evans ​410-767-6042
​Title V - MCH Block Grant ​Colleen Wilburn ​410-767-6716
​Title V - Needs Assessment ​Colleen Wilburn ​410-767-6716
​Title X - Family Planning ​Tiereny Lloyd ​410-767-1454
​Women's Health ​Maura Dwyer ​410-767-4585
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