About Kids in Safety Seats (KISS)

About Kids In Safety Seats (KISS) Kids In Safety Seats (KISS) is a state-wide, non-profit program funded through a federal grant. Our mission is to reduce injuries and death among Maryland’s children by helping people to obtain and use car seats and booster seats correctly each time a child rides in a motor vehicle.

Child Passenger Safety IS injury prevention:

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of unintentional injuries and death among children in the United States.

On average in Maryland, 8 children under age 16 are killed and 3,200 seriously injured every year as motor vehicle passengers (CODES, 2010).

Based on car seat inspection summaries, about 75 percent of the car seats inspected in Maryland have some sort of misuse. Misuse may include: children riding in the wrong type of car seat, car seats that are not correctly installed in the vehicle or using car seats that have been recalled, broken, expired or been in a crash.

KISS Services

Car Seat Assistance Programs

    • Reduced cost purchase program (for financially eligible families)
    • Special Needs Loaner Program

Technical Assistance:

    • Presentations/Training
    • Skype “Virtual” car seat inspections
    • “In-person” car seat inspections

Child Passenger Safety Information Clearinghouse

    • 800 Helpline
    • Dedicated email
    • Dedicated website
    • Educational materials

Through these services, caregivers can learn:

  • How to select the right type of car seat for your child
  • Answers to your car seat questions
  • Where to find a car seat assistance program
  • Where and how to get a car seat inspected
  • How to schedule a presentation or training for your group
  • How to obtain educational materials (or click here to download a copy of our Materials Order Form which may be faxed to us at 410-333-5030)

Contact KISS:

Helpline: 800-370-SEAT
Email: dhmh.kiss@maryland.gov
Website: www.mdkiss.org
Skype: MDKISS2