Healthy Maryland - Project  2020

Healthy Maryland - Project 2020 is the continuation of an initiative carried out by the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to identify and track statewide health objectives. The project involves many partners including Maryland's local health departments, hospitals, and community groups involved in tracking our State's progress toward meeting the Healthy People goals. This project started with Healthy People 2010 Objectives and is now transitioning to Healthy People 2020 Objectives. The Health Improvement Plan, Public Health Action for the First Decade 2000-2010 (HIP), published in 2001 as two documents: the Executive Summary and the Full Report, is a comprehensive guide to health objective-setting in Maryland. The HIP includes both statewide and local objectives and action steps. The Healthy Maryland Chart Book 2002 and Healthy Maryland Chart Book 2007 are progress reports on selected health objectives.

Health Improvement Plan (Final)
Healthy Maryland Chartbook 2007

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