Vendor Training Opportunities

General Requirements for WIC authorized vendors include accepting training from the WIC Program as required by the Program. Vendors shall have a representative attend and participate in at least one State or local agency interactive training session each calendar year if the State agency gives the vendor 14 days’ notice of a scheduled training session and holds the training session in the vendor’s region.

Every authorized vendor is required to designate at least one person, to serve as the designated trainer. The designated trainer shall train all cashiers, including pharmacy cashiers and other staff involved with WIC transactions on Program Policies and Procedures. The vendor or its designated trainer will promptly inform employees of changes in the WIC Program, including changes to the Authorized Foods List.

The Maryland WIC Program offers a variety of Training classes for Vendors. Classes are designed to help stores be successful WIC Vendors.

New Vendor Training (Mandatory)

All new vendor applicants are required to attend New Vendor Training prior to authorization. This training is designed for owners and management staff. The person attending is responsible for the training of all store personnel that will be involved with WIC transactions. Store staff must be trained in WIC policies and procedures prior to accepting WIC benefits.

Annual Training (Mandatory)

Annual Vendor Training is conducted in August. All WIC authorized vendors are required to attend annual training to maintain their WIC authorization. Annual Training is designed for Management and Supervisory personnel.

  • 2020 Annual Training Schedule will be available in June 2020

Cashier Training (Optional)

Cashier training is offered to all WIC authorized vendors. This training is not required, but vendors are encouraged to attend. Well trained cashiers have fewer errors and happy customers.

The WIC Program may mandate cashier training for a vendor with a high rate of errors, or participant complaints. A vendor that fails to attend training mandated by the WIC Program may have its WIC authorization terminated.

In-store Training (Optional)

We recognize that sometimes it’s difficult to send cashiers to off-site training. As an alternative, we offer in-store training for groups of cashiers. Please contact Terri Buckler at terri.buckler@maryland.gov or 410-767-5277 for more information.

Reauthorization Training (Mandatory)

Reauthorization training is for high-risk vendors, vendors with a high rate of errors, or participant complaints and vendors that have been sanctioned for violating WIC policies and procedures. If applicable, this training is required as part of the re-authorization process but may be mandated at any time deemed necessary by the WIC Program.