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Maryland WIC Farmers

The WIC Program is now issuing checks to purchase fresh produce. Applications are now being accepted from farmers to become authorized by the Maryland WIC Program to accept WIC Fruit and Vegetable Checks (FVCs) at participating Farmers’ Markets.

The WIC Farmers' Market Nutrition Program issues $20 worth of checks for the six month season while the WIC FVC provides moms with $10.00 a month and $8.00 per child for the purchase of fruits and vegetables all year long. As a Farmers' Market Nutrition Program authorized farmer, you can accept  WIC FVCs at your farmers’ market if you follow the steps below:

  • Complete the Farmer’s Application (available below)
  • Submit the application and agreement to:

             FMNP Coordinator
             Maryland WIC Program
             201 W. Preston Street, 1st Floor
             Baltimore, MD 21201

  • Read and sign an Agreement for Farmer to Accept WIC Fruit and Vegetable Checks
  • Attend a mandatory 1-hour training session

  • eWIC Update for Farmers
  • 2017 Annual Maryland Farmer's Market Conference
  • 2017 Farmers Handbook
  • 2017 Maryland FMNP & FVC Training Dates
  • Farmer Complaint Form
  • Farmer Application & Agreement
  • 2017 FVC and FMNP Comparison Chart
  • Fruit and Vegetable Check Reimbursement Form-Farmers
  • 2017 Farmer's Market Cookbook
  • 2016 Farmer's Market Cookbook

  • Maryland's Best
    Maryland's Best
    Farmer's Market Directory
    Farmer's Market Directory

    If you have questions, please call Terri Buckler at 410-767-5722

    To become authorized to participate in the Farmer's Market Nutrition WIC and Senior's Programs, contact the Maryland Department of Agriculture, Mark Powell at 410-841-5775 or mark.powell@maryland.gov

    Maryland Department of Agriculture

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