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new_0_year_baby.pngHelp Me Be Healthy: I am 4 1/2

Help me choose healthy foods


  • I will soon be 5 years old! I still have lots of growing to do. Please help me.
  • Teach me how to choose healthy foods. I will need to know what to eat at school.
  • Help me learn to balance foods. If we choose ice cream, let’s top it with fresh strawberries.
  • Help me try new foods. Let’s do it once a week. We could make a stir-fry. I can wash the vegetables.
  • Please trust me to know when I am hungry and when I am full. Don’t force me to eat or “clean my plate.”
  • Eating breakfast helps me learn. If I don’t eat, I am too hungry to think or listen.
  • Let’s plan breakfast the night before. At night we can put the cereal box, bowls, and spoons on the table. In the morning, we can get out the milk and fruit.

    Make our family meals relaxed


  • Let’s wash our hands before and after we eat. I like to copy what you do.
  • I will help set the table.
  • Let’s sit and eat together. I feel special sharing this time with our family.
  • Can we turn off all our TVs and cell phones while we eat?
  • I like to serve myself. Show me how to pass food around the table and practice my manners.
  • I am getting better with my fork and spoon! I can use a napkin to wipe my mouth and hands.
  • I can help clear the table after we eat.

    Offer me safe foods


  • Give me foods that are bite sized and easy for me to chew.
  • Stay with me when I try foods I can choke on: raw hard vegetables, grapes, peanut butter, nuts, popcorn, dried fruits, hot dogs, and chunks of meat.

    I can help pack a lunch


  • I like to spread peanut butter on bread.
  • I will cut soft foods with a plastic knife.
  • I want to peel hard-boiled eggs, oranges, and bananas.
  • Let me wash fruits and vegetables.

    Let’s play


  • I can run, hop, and throw a ball.
  • Let’s play my favorite games like hide-and-seek.
  • Can we make a play date with my friends?
  • We can explore the world together.
  • Let’s pretend we are animals in the jungle.
  • In all kinds of weather, we can play safely together.
  • I like stories. Can we read together?

    Help me keep my teeth healthy


  • Take me to the dentist every 6 months.
  • Keep coaching me to brush my teeth morning and night. I need your help with spots I miss.
  • I still need a small toothbrush and a pea size amount of fluoride toothpaste. Make sure I spit out the toothpaste after brushing.
  • Please help me floss my teeth once a day to clean between them.
  • Can you get me a new toothbrush that’s just for me? This is one thing I should not share.
  • Give me water to drink when I am thirsty. Sugary drinks can give me cavities.

    ​​​* For details, please download Help Me Be Healthy : I am 4 1/2​​​